Thursday, June 05, 2008

LA vs. Boston: All Economic Indicators Are Up

The nation may be struggling with soaring fuel prices, high food bills and rising home foreclosures, but when it comes to the revival of the celebrated Lakers-Celtics matchup in the NBA championship series after 21 years, all economic indicators are up. Ticket prices and merchandise revenue have risen steadily through this postseason, as have television ratings and online hits, with an even bigger jump anticipated for the Finals.

According to StubHub, the average resale price for the Finals is $772 in Los Angeles and $547 in Boston. In last year's championship series, between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the San Antonio Spurs, the average was $366 in Cleveland, $311 in San Antonio. (Face value for the most expensive seat at Staples Center for the Boston series is just under $4,000.)

LATimes Full Story

Ebay auction: $6,500 for 4 tickets


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