Sunday, June 05, 2011

Check Your Science IQ

Take this 12-item quiz, a mix of contemporary knowledge and text-book style questions, to find out.


At 6/05/2011 7:25 AM, Blogger Stephan said...

The link doesn't work!

At 6/05/2011 7:29 AM, Blogger Mark J. Perry said...

Try it now, it's fixed.

At 6/05/2011 8:15 AM, Blogger Stephan said...

Thanks. It works. These Pew quizzes are only ridiculous. According to them I'm an all-round genius expert. I did one on religion: 100% Now the same with science. Something must be seriously wrong with American education if these quizzes are really a challenge for the average American?

At 6/05/2011 8:32 AM, Blogger Larry G said...

" Something must be seriously wrong with American education if these quizzes are really a challenge for the average American?"

This quiz reflects the fact that American high school students and graduates rank internationally:

15th in reading literacy
24th in mathematics literacy
21st in scientific literacy

this quiz also tells you why our ability to compete for 21st century jobs is in big trouble.

Only 30% of kids who graduate these days are classified as "proficient" in basic academic disciplines accord to NAEP and PISA.

The average American has no clue how important technologies like cellular networks or GPS technology works much less would be able to qualify to work for a company involved in those technologies.

Worse, we spend as much as twice as much per kid than the countries who best us in the math and science assessments.

our ability to effectly compete in the future is in serious doubt.

At 6/05/2011 9:28 AM, Blogger BlogDog said...

100% again. I want my SuperMegaUltraGenius card stamped again. Two more and it's a free small Frosty at Wendy's!

At 6/05/2011 10:57 AM, Blogger Buddy R Pacifico said...

OK, I got 10 out of 12. I over thought mold on Mars being an indicator of water.

I was absolutely wrong on the premise that anti-biotics can kill bacteria as well as viruses. Anti-viruses can help stop the spread of a virus; anti-biotics don't kill a virus.

A virus (capsule of protein) infects a living cell and cannot reproduce on its own. Bacteria are independent one-celled organisms that live on their own. Independence of bacteria vs. inter-dependence of virus.

At 6/05/2011 11:25 AM, Blogger James said...

Oh boy! Liberal arts majors do science and as usual miss the point. No wonder so many people think solar et al is our salvation. This is a current events test not a science test.

At 6/05/2011 11:51 AM, Blogger Jason said...

Ok, so where are the "people are smarter than you think, Jason" apologists after seeing the scores on this farce of a science quiz?

At 6/05/2011 6:49 PM, Blogger KauaiMark said...

12/12! not bad!

At 6/05/2011 7:13 PM, Blogger Roy Lofquist said...

As usual, a Popular Science magazine afficionado does a supposedly tough science quiz.

One question, the one about most scientists and carbon dioxide, is certainly in dispute. He is obviously not aware of the Heinlein quote - "most 'scientist' are bottle washers ans button sorters".

The one about the electron and the atom is clearly ambiguous. It asks which is "bigger". Does he mean mass or physical extent? Opposite answers don't you know.

At 6/06/2011 1:38 PM, Blogger morganovich said...

"Does he mean mass or physical extent? Opposite answers don't you know."

um, no.

name an atom that does not have an electron.

every atom is larger in extent as well as mass.

even hydrogen is everyhting an electron is + a proton.

At 6/06/2011 3:50 PM, Blogger jeppen said...

Wohoo, 100% on this and on the economic literacy test in the other post. But one really should nail these things. They're too easy, I think, for people that paid attention in school and read the news as adults.

At 6/08/2011 5:59 AM, Blogger Ian Random said...

That was depressing. A college drop-out like me scored perfect. Good thing it was a grammar quiz.

At 6/13/2011 8:33 AM, Blogger misterjosh said...

You just want to know how smart your readers are. 12/12. Sad that that's the top decile.


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