Monday, October 13, 2008

No Need To Wait for Gov't. Health Care Reform

Employers typically rein in health care costs, now galloping at 6% a year, by slapping their workers with higher premiums, deductibles and co-payments. Is there a better way?

Walgreen, the $54 billion (sales) pharmacy chain, is pushing a different approach: supplying the company doctor. It operates 364 work-site clinics for 183 large (1,000-plus employees) employers, including Goldman Sachs, Continental Airlines and Toyota. Walgreen says employers can lower costs by as much as 20%, thanks to the preventive care it provides. Its service will link employees' health records and those of spouses, dependents and retirees, to Walgreen's 6,356 drugstores.

"We can't wait for health care reform," says Hal F. Rosenbluth, who manages the in-company clinics and sold his retail chain, Take Care Health Systems, to Walgreen last year for a reported $100 million.

~Forbes Magazine article "In-House Calls"


At 10/14/2008 8:51 AM, Blogger the buggy professor said...

Thank you, Mark, for this and your other numerous posts on how various decentralized, market-oriented schemes are materializing that promise to contain and --- if we're lucky --- reverse the rising costs of health-care.

I have not seen any comparable posts on this subject anywhere else on the Internet.


Michael Gordon, AKA, the buggy professor


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