Monday, October 05, 2009

Appearance on CNBC's "The Kudlow Report"

From last Thursday.


At 10/05/2009 10:02 AM, Blogger marketdoc said...

Congrats MP on a well spoken appearance on Kudlow Report. I was sorry to see they bumped you temporarily to watch Air Force 1 take off for Copenhagen. Obviously you had more important things to say.. at least the IOC thought so.

At 10/05/2009 1:39 PM, Anonymous Admiral said...

WOW, congrats, Professor! This is terrific. Even on Kudlow Report, we need more highly articulate free enterprise lovers who can cut through the crap. I'm often disappointed with CATO's folks who constantly let themselves get run over by the liberal nuts. Now we need to get you on segments where you defend free enterprise. :)

At 10/05/2009 9:30 PM, Blogger misterjosh said...

Hah, yer definitely from Minnesooota. :)

At 10/05/2009 10:35 PM, Anonymous Steve said...

Very nice. Kudlow is very good with his consistent positive message. You think alike.

At 10/06/2009 6:09 PM, Anonymous Mark said...

You don't think the policies out of Washington are going to double-dip the market? You're far more optimistic than I am. Good interview though.


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