Sunday, March 01, 2009

How Does Your State Compare?

The Tax Foundation has released its 2009 version of Facts and Figures: How Does Your State Compare?, a pocket-size booklet comparing the 50 states on 38 different measures of taxing and spending, including individual and corporate income tax rates, business tax climates, excise taxes, tax burdens and state spending.


At 3/01/2009 1:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like NJ is the worst for businesses and individuals. Surprise surprise!

At 3/01/2009 5:04 PM, Blogger Admin said...

California is pretty low, but we still kick the other states' a**es.

At 3/01/2009 7:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

But NJ is great for teachers and other government employees, not to mention corrupt politicians - perfect together.

At 3/02/2009 2:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hahaha how true. I read somewhere recently that over 90% of the job growth in NJ since 2000 has been in state & local governments. I'm an accountant and I'm seeing many 1040s right now. In NJ, it's the teachers and police officers making all the money. I suppose that money has to come from somewhere. You know it's bad when you see a W2 for a gym teacher that makes almost 90K a year.


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