Friday, January 28, 2011

The Near-Term Economic Outlook Has Improved

From the conclusion of the Dallas Fed's National Economic Update released yesterday:

Conditions Favor Growth
"Recent data indicate that the risks of a double-dip recession and deflation have ebbed. Although the regenerating channels of credit and finance remain vulnerable to shocks, renewed signs of a self-sustaining recovery in consumer and business spending are growing as the underlying factors behind the recession and subpar recovery continue to unwind. While housing, municipal finance and labor market slack continue to detract from a more robust recovery, the near-term outlook has improved."

HT: CME Group 


At 2/01/2011 8:14 PM, Blogger VangelV said...

Given the stimulus spending and QE2 it makes sense that economic activity should pick up for a while. But the advances are unsustainable and the inflationary moves are getting to be troublesome. Yes, we could see the Dow explode and actually see a few jobs created here and there. But that all depends on the Fed printing and printing money as long as it can. And we all know that the creditors won't like that very much and will choose to avoid as much of the inflation as possible.


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