Thursday, January 13, 2011

Markets in Everything: Foreclosure Exorcisms

Wall Street Journal -- The foreclosure crisis has helped resurrect an ancient tradition: the house cleansing. Buyers are turning to witches, psychics, priests and feng shui consultants, among others, to bless or exorcise dwellings.Sellers, too, are adopting the trend to help move a property stuck on the market. 

In recent months, foreclosure and other distressed sales have represented about a third of all home sales, according to the National Association of Realtors. With so many foreclosures riddling the market, some buyers find that a coat of paint is hardly enough to rid a house of its creepy quotient. 

"It's not entities or ghosts that we're dealing with anymore," says Julie Belmont, a so-called intuitive who works in Orange County, Calif., where 40% of home sales last year were distress sales. "With foreclosures, a lot of it is energy imprints from past discussions, arguments, money problems. All of that is absorbed by the house."


At 1/13/2011 10:54 AM, Blogger Eric H said...

Yes, and where there's a market, right behind it will be a government taxing it.

At 1/13/2011 12:14 PM, Blogger Scott Miller PMP said...

How do sellers advertise/signal these benefits to prospective buyers? "newly exorcised!" "recently cleansed of all bad energies!"

At 1/14/2011 1:19 PM, Blogger Ron H. said...

"How do sellers advertise/signal these benefits to prospective buyers?"

Perhaps "karma neutral"


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