Monday, October 05, 2009

Statistics of the Day: The Great Gender Divide

The gender gap in attending college reflects a long divide in overall academic achievement between boys and girls nationwide. Of particular concern are low high school graduation rates among boys.

In Boston, the four-year adjusted graduation rate for boys last year was about 58% compared with 73% for girls, according to state data. And boys are also less apt to win entry into one of the city’s three exam schools, where nearly all graduates go on to college.

The gender gap in Boston also crosses racial lines - adding a new dynamic in efforts to close achievement gaps. Black females, for instance, attend college at a rate about 5% points higher than white males.

Boston Globe


At 10/05/2009 12:26 PM, Blogger Milton Recht said...

How much of the gender divide in colleges is equivalent to the effect that there are more single women in cities where there are high earning single men. Since college men earn more than non-college men, would you not expect there to be more women in colleges than men?

At 10/05/2009 7:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is going on? Schools are not paying enough attention to the education of males. There's too little focus on the cognitive areas in which boys do well. Boys have more disciplinary problems, up to 10 percent are medicated for Attention Deficit Disorder, and they thrive less in a school environment that prizes what Brian A. Jacob of Harvard's Kennedy School of Government calls "noncognitive skills."

Where The Boys Aren't

Try to imagine the outrage if 10 percent of girls were being medicated in order to attend school.

At 10/06/2009 5:29 PM, Anonymous Benny Tell It Like It Was Man said...

Wish I was in school again. When I went, it was 2-to-1 guys, and the one was not a great looker, if you get my drift.


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