Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Inverse Relationship

The story of my life as a professor:
Indexed by Jessica Hagy, via Free Market Politics


At 10/08/2008 2:52 PM, Blogger thomasblair said...

The story of my life as a project engineer.

At 10/08/2008 3:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've had a few (OK, more than a few) professors over the years where that plot slopes the other way.

At 10/08/2008 3:53 PM, Blogger Bret said...

Where does blogging fit in?

At 10/08/2008 4:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A-More meetings equals less work
B-Blogs cannot be written effectively or efficiently in meetings.
C-Therefore, more meetings equals fewer blogs.
D-Therefore, blogging equals work done.

How does that work? :-D

At 10/08/2008 8:06 PM, Blogger Bret said...

Hmmm. Nice try though!


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