Saturday, August 04, 2007

Indian Call Ohio? Outsourcing TO USA

It would be easy to imagine Reno, Ohio, as the type of place that would be hit hardest by outsourcing - a small American town losing out to the invisible hand shifting jobs to places like Bangalore. Instead, outsourcing is bringing the jobs to Reno. Across the street from an Army Reserve center and next to a farm, a customer-service call center hums, its 250 workers answering phones for online travel agency Expedia. The center's owner? Indian conglomerate Tata Group (NYSE:TTM), based in Mumbai.

According to the Organization for International Investment, firms headquartered abroad employ 5.1 million Americans in their U.S. offices. But while these jobs have typically been in manufacturing (think German carmakers' factories in the South), the mix is changing, and more companies are finding that hiring Americans offers distinct advantages. Some companies feel hearing a fellow American makes callers feel more comfortable. Other foreign firms think Americans bring a more entrepreneurial attitude to their work. In Expedia's case, its call-center workers need a firm grasp on U.S. geography.

Read more from CNN.

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At 8/05/2007 7:32 AM, Blogger Joe Liberty said...

Looks like globalization coming full circle at just the right time, given the protectionist legislation in congress right now that probably would discourage this sort of thing...

At 8/05/2007 8:23 AM, Blogger DeathSweep said...

Looks to me as if it's about time that this shift occurs. Finally, Americans are getting what they've been giving...Jobs!


At 8/05/2007 10:44 AM, Blogger adam said...

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At 8/06/2007 1:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

First they were taking our jobs...

Now they own us!

(Kind of like "first banks were redlining the poor...then they were engaging in predatory lending!")

You can't win with some people


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