Thursday, January 11, 2007

Gas Prices Fall Below $2 per Gallon, $3 in Canada

Michigan gas prices fall below $2 per gallon.

Minnesota gas prices fall below $2 per gallon.

Ohio gas prices fall below $2 per gallon.

Canada gas prices fall below $3 per gallon.


At 1/11/2007 6:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is crude oil dropping now? Here is a quote from the WSJ : "Nymex crude oil for February delivery plunged another $2.14 per barrel, or 4%, to $51.88 -- the lowest level since May 2005."

At 1/12/2007 2:23 PM, Anonymous bob wright said...

In the Fall of 2006, sometime around the beginning of the fourth quarter, I read one oil analyst who thought that about 20% to 25% of the then-current price of oil was due to speculation.

Some of these speculators are selling their positions and taking their profits.

Plus, the U.S.'s Northeast has had a very warm winter. Have you shoveled snow yet?

At 1/13/2007 10:51 PM, Anonymous lovme2tms said...

no, I haven't shoveled snow yet. It's been nice. Also, compare your consumer energy bill to last year. It's smaller this year, and thats why. The current weather coming to the NW is a ice/snow storm with below average temps. Should I fill up my gas tank before the storm?


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