Monday, July 02, 2012

Markets in Everything: Cellphone Escape Services

Trying to make an early exit from your 2-year cell phone contract without paying the $150-200 early termination fee?  Now there are online cellular exchange websites that match cellular subscribers, a seller who wants to get out of a contract early and a buyer who is willing to take over the contract.  Cell phone service providers apparently allow a contract to be transferred without charging an early cancellation fee, and these services facilitate those transfers by matching buyers and sellers online.  

Here are two examples of websites offering cellphone exchange services:

1. Celltrade -  "We have developed the world's first online community that gets dissatisfied cell phone customers out of their service contract. provides this service through an incentive based system that connects millions of cellular customers nationwide that want to Get Out with those that want to Get In."  

Registration is free, and once the "Get Out" seller finds a "Get In" buyer, there is a $19.99 fee for the seller. 

2.  TradeMyCellular is similar to Celltrade: "TradeMyCellular provides service for cellular contract holders who want to get out of their contract early without paying extra charges by listing their plan and cellular phone information on Also provides service to those who seek for taking over a short term contract without paying activation fees and also taking advantage of incentives provided by contract holders."


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