Sunday, January 22, 2012

Twitter Reminder and A Blog Content Bleg

1. Reminder that you can follow me on Twitter for daily updates, news, blog posts, links, economic reports, headlines, re-tweets, data, charts, etc. 

2. The "hat tips" that you see at the bottom of many CD posts reveal the fact that about one-third of the posts (or more) originate with an email "tip" from a regular (or occasional) CD reader.  Publishing CD as a "one-man operation" makes it  impossible to be aware of even a fraction of all the interesting content, news, blog posts on the Internet every, so I'm forever grateful for the "research support" that I get on a regular basis from dozens of contributors.  In the never-ending search for new blog content, I would gladly accept suggestions, links and recommendations by email (mjperry at from anybody who has the time and inclination to send me your ideas, links, articles, etc.  I'm always happy to give the public "hat tip" to acknowledge my "sources," but can also keep you anonymous if you prefer it that way.      


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