Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Markets in Everything: Recycling Surgical Implants

The World.Org -- "Advances in medical technology, combined with the fact that people are living longer, means that more and more of us pass away with some kind of surgical implant. Maybe it’s a steel pin here, or a titanium hip there. Have you ever wondered what happens to those metal implants after people die? For almost 15 years, a Dutch company called OrthoMetals has been recycling them, and giving the bulk of the proceeds to charity.

These metal parts do not end up back in other people. Instead, they are melted down and resold for industrial purposes, for things such as cars, planes, and even wind turbines. It turns out it’s a lot of scrap metal, OrthoMetals recycles more than 250 tons a year from cremations."


At 1/31/2012 10:09 AM, Blogger Jon Murphy said...

Well, this is good news. Metal is expensive and I'm glad to see it's not rotting in the ground.

At 1/31/2012 10:34 AM, Blogger Larry G said...

recycled to wind turbines?

holy bat crap!

next thing we hear..they'll be using that stuff for solar too, eh?

geeze but what about all that "toxic " waste from creating those implants in the first place?

and you know... the hell of it?

we're buying those implants for Medicare geezers with money we borrow from the Chinese.


At 1/31/2012 6:50 PM, Blogger Marko said...

They can have the screw in my leg when they pry it from my cold dead leg.


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