Friday, April 08, 2011

WSJ Interactive Map/Graphic of Global Int. Rates

Here's a really interesting interactive WSJ map/graphic of global central bank interest rates, on a monthly basis  back to May 2004.  If you watch the monthly time series, you'll see that the U.S. Fed started lowering interest rates in September 2007, about a year ahead of the interest rate cuts in Europe that started in October 2008.  Now the ECB has moved ahead of the Fed by raising rates this month by a quarter point to 1.25%, thus the title of the front page story that the graphic accompanies: "Europe's Rate Rise Signals End of Cheap-Money Era." 


At 4/08/2011 9:54 AM, Blogger VangelV said...

If rates are heading up as they should the Obama and Ryan budget assumptions are too optimistic. The US economy will collapse and has to readjust to the new reality since there will be no money to bail out malinvestments.


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