Saturday, January 22, 2011

If You Tax Something, You Get Less of It

CHAMPAIGN – "The founder of Jimmy John's Gourmet Subs said he has applied for Florida residency and may recommend that his corporate headquarters move out-of-state as a result of the Illinois tax increases enacted last week.


At 1/22/2011 2:11 PM, Blogger Jason said...

Leave the state so fast, you'll freak?

At 1/22/2011 3:15 PM, Blogger Benjamin Cole said...

Let's tax religion, smoking alcohol, drugs, and rap music.
A global tax on war would be wonderful also.

At 1/22/2011 6:45 PM, Blogger juandos said...

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At 1/22/2011 7:19 PM, Blogger juandos said...

Illinois: Still Circling the Drain Despite Massive Tax Hikes

At 1/23/2011 10:27 AM, Blogger VangelV said...

Let's tax religion, smoking alcohol, drugs, and rap music.

You already tax smoking and alcohol. It has caused a nice underground economy to thrive delivering to consumers what they want at much lower costs.

At 1/23/2011 3:33 PM, Blogger bob wright said...

juandos: great link.

It's amazing.

People demand higher standards from their college and professional sports teams than they do their political leaders.

After 3 years of losing, fans across the state of Michigan were demanding that Rich Rodriguez, Michigan's head football coach, be fired.

And yet these same people will elect the same politicians year after year - politicians with losing records significantly longer than any professional sports coach.

The same Michiganders who demand perfection from the U of M football coach have sent Dale Kildee back to congress for the last 34 years even though his record of bringing development and jobs to Flint MI is terrible.

The performance of Illinois politicians can be described as nothing less than negligence and malfeasance. A corporate CEO who performed this way would be fired or in jail. What a pathetic state of afairs.

At 1/23/2011 10:04 PM, Blogger NormanB said...

Illinois says they'll 'get' $6B more by raising the tax rates by 66%. Wanna bet? Also, to make the tax rate increase slide down better the governor said that they would hold state spending to 'only' two percent increases. Jolly good for them but you'd think a promise to cut spending be better. Ah, those dumb Illinoisians.


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