Thursday, October 07, 2010

Aug. Private Sector Job Openings +36% vs. 2009

The BLS reported today that job openings increased to 3.2 million at the end of August, which was 60,000 higher than job openings at the end of July, and 790,000 higher than at the end of August last year (or 33%).  Job openings for the private sector are 36% ahead of last year, or by 751,000 openings.  

Compared to last August, job openings have improved in all six sectors except for Education and Health Services, which declined by 7%.  Job openings in all of the other five sectors have
improved, led by Professional and Business Services (+70.5%) and followed by Leisure and Hospitality (+62.2%), Manufacturing (+43.3%), Trade, Transportation and Utilities (+7.1%) and Construction (+3%).  On a regional basis, job openings have increased in all four parts of the country, led by the West (+49.7%), followed by the Midwest (+43.1%), the Northeast (+36.5%), and the South (+34.8%).   

Except for the 3.3 million job openings in April of this, the August number was the highest since November of 2008, 21 months ago. 


At 10/07/2010 3:09 PM, Blogger juandos said...

"The BLS reported today that job openings increased to 3.2 million at the end of August"...

Sadly I don't think the BLS can be relied upon at least during the time this particular administration is killing the economy...

From the incredibly disappointed Reuters outfit: Job losses in 2009 likely bigger than thought

The Labor Department on Friday will give an initial estimate of how far off its count of employment may have been in the 12 months through March. The government admitted earlier this year that its count through March 2009 had overstated employment by 902,000 jobs.

From ZeroHedge: BLS Discloses It Has Overrepresented Payroll Data By 824,000 Or 15%

A part of today's BLS announcement that has not received much attention is the BLS' own disclosure that it "may" have lost an additional 824,000 jobs in LTM period ended March 2009, in addition to the already disclosed 4.8 million job losses...

At 10/07/2010 3:53 PM, Blogger marmico said...

Not much improvement in the jobless to job opening ratio recently.


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