Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Falling for the Promise of an Untested Redeemer

From today's WSJ article "The Obsolescence of Barack Obama" by Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies Professor Fouad Ajami:

"It is in the nature of charisma that it rises out of thin air, out of need and distress, and then dissipates when the magic fails. The country has had its fill with a scapegoating that knows no end from a president who had vowed to break with recriminations and partisanship. The magic of 2008 can't be recreated, and good riddance to it. Slowly, the nation has recovered its poise. There is a widespread sense of unstated embarrassment that a political majority, if only for a moment, fell for the promise of an untested redeemer—a belief alien to the temperament of this so practical and sober a nation."


At 8/12/2010 8:08 AM, Blogger geoih said...

But the main stream media are still singing Obama's praises. NBC news was saying last night how Obama's approval numbers were still great.

At 8/12/2010 9:32 AM, Blogger juandos said...

"NBC news was saying last night how Obama's approval numbers were still great"...

I can well imagine NBC did continue cheerleading the Prez and his failing policies...

I'm guessing NBC didn't run this story regarding the homeowership scam being run on the taxpayer though:

From Hamp – it’s worse than we thought

So the US Treasury’s centrepiece mortgage modification programme — Hamp — is something of a failure. That much we knew already.

But Laurie Goodman over at Amherst Securities brings up another point.

The programme actually has a lower success rate than other modification programmes — even those that involve a similar amount of payment reduction.

By Goodman’s calculations, the original Hamp programme has a ‘success rate’ of about 32 per cent — that is, about a third of the trial mortgage mods begun will be successfully converted to permanent ones, and won’t redefault.

At 8/12/2010 9:51 AM, Blogger Paul said...

Imagine where this turd's approval ratings would be if he had Bush's press, or even an objective press.


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