Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Beloit College Mindset List for the Class of 2014

"Born when Ross Perot was warning about a giant sucking sound and Bill Clinton was apologizing for pain in his marriage, members of this fall’s entering college class of 2014 have emerged as a post-email generation for whom the digital world is routine and technology is just too slow. Each August since 1998, Beloit College has released the Beloit College Mindset List. It provides a look at the cultural touchstones that shape the lives of students entering college this fall."

This year's list includes 75 items, here's a sample:

1. Few in the class know how to write in cursive.

2. Email is just too slow, and they seldom if ever use snail mail.

3. Korean cars have always been a staple on American highways.

4. They never twisted the coiled handset wire aimlessly around their wrists while chatting on the phone.

5. The first computer they probably touched was an Apple II; it is now in a museum.

6. Once they got through security, going to the airport has always resembled going to the mall.

7. American companies have always done business in Vietnam.

8. Rock bands have always played at presidential inaugural parties.

9. The Post Office has always been going broke.

10. The nation has never approved of the job Congress is doing.

11. Honda has always been a major competitor on Memorial Day at Indianapolis.


At 8/17/2010 9:12 AM, Blogger juandos said...

'Beloit College Mindset', is that a euphemism for a lack of basic grounding in American history?

At 8/17/2010 12:38 PM, Blogger morganovich said...

and of course, vinyl is for musicians to wear, not record upon.


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