Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A New Economic Index: The Coffee Indicator

"As economists look for clues on the direction of consumer spending, they may want to look into how much Americans are willing to spend on their coffee.  Majestic Research tracks anonymous credit-card data, and can see how much consumers spend by category and store, and it broke out the average dollar transactions at Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts. The data show that during the worst of the recession consumers spent less at the two coffee outlets, but as the employment picture started to improve people were willing to spend more per transaction (see chart above)."

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At 6/30/2010 7:52 PM, Anonymous Benny The Man said...

It looks like things are perking up.

At 7/01/2010 7:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How is this useful? There is far too much noise, what appears to be only minimal correlation, false indicators (Dec 08),.

At 7/01/2010 10:22 AM, Anonymous Julia Brocker Estima said...

If every country find their key product (such as coffee for the American), we can create custom index alternative to demonstrate how the economy is doing for our customers. I loved it!

At 7/01/2010 10:45 AM, Blogger Bill said...

I buy ground coffee beans at the grocery store and make coffee myself in the office. It costs about $.05 per cup of coffee, tastes nearly as good (if not better) as the Starbucks $4.00 coffee and is more convenient for me to obtain. I spend less money on it and less time getting it thereby giving me more time to focus on making money. This has had the result of improving my personal economy.


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