Saturday, March 27, 2010

100-Point Increase in SAT = $2,350 for Egg Donors

Top Students Earn Big Money for Egg Donations

"Holding all else equal, such as demand for in vitro fertilization within a state and donor agency variables, Levine found that each increase of 100 SAT points in the average for a university increased the compensation offered to egg donors at that school by $2,350."


At 3/27/2010 9:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In sense a "Markets in Everything:" coming.

SAT Egg fixing.

At 3/27/2010 11:26 AM, Blogger misterjosh said...

i wonder if there is a negative correlation for BMI?

At 3/27/2010 6:51 PM, Blogger KO said...

Who comes up with the guidelines regarding egg donation? Quite a fantasy world they live in.

"... one-quarter of the advertisements listed specific requirements for potential donors, such as appearance or ethnicity. This also goes against ASRM guidelines, which prohibit linking compensation to donor personal characteristics."

"Current ASRM guidelines recommend that sums of $5,000 or more require justification and sums above $10,000 are not appropriate."

Why pretend that personal characteristics are not important for something so significant?

At 3/27/2010 9:47 PM, Blogger bobble said...

very cool. this could be a novel way to pay for that ever more expensive college education


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