Saturday, August 22, 2009

Markets In Everything: Bribes for Ph.D. Degrees

BERLIN (AP)German prosecutors are investigating about 100 professors across the country on suspicion they took bribes to help students get their doctoral degrees, authorities said Saturday.

According to two publications, students paid between €4,000 to €20,000 ($5,700 to $28,500) to a company, which promised to help them get their doctorate degrees through its extensive contacts within university faculties.

The Neue Westfaelische newspaper reported that "hundreds" of students were involved, and that the company paid professors between €2,000 to €5,000 when their clients had successfully received their Ph.D.s. It was not clear whether the students knew that bribes were being paid.

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At 8/22/2009 8:28 PM, Blogger mongander said...

Why pay a company? That's what lawyers are for... plus as a bonus, you get attorney/client privilege.

At 8/23/2009 2:47 PM, Blogger KO said...

Someone should do a Ph.D. thesis on the net economic benefits/cost of letting people speed up their Ph.D.s in lieu of further public support that goes toward people earning their Ph.D's. Including which fields would be net positive/negative. Also, at what point will the reduction in professor quality (if any) flip it in those fields.


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