Friday, April 10, 2009

REASON: Tax Facts To Make Your Head Explode


At 4/10/2009 5:27 PM, Blogger Paul said...

"It's time to be patriotic" and let the Democrats pour the fruits of your labor down a rathole, says the Vice Plagiarist. Funny how that patriot argument didn't carry much weight with his crowd while they were rooting for us to lose in Iraq.

At 4/10/2009 6:01 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

"It's time to be patriotic"

How is it patriotic to raise taxes for people making over $250,000. What part of that signifies patriotic? As a capitalist, free economy, higher taxes for higher tax brackets seems to be the OPPOSITE of patriotic. I can't say that I disagree that the rich should pay proportionately more than the poor, I don't think anyone disagrees with that (only to what extent), but calling it patriotic is an utterly misguided propagandist statement.


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