Sunday, June 08, 2008

Searchable Database for Campaign Contributions

"The purpose of, a non-partisan web site, is to make available in the easiest way possible the names of financial donors to federal political campaigns. These records are a matter of public record provided by the Federal Election Commission."

You can search for campaign contributions by Name, Employer, Occupation, City, County, Zip Code, State; by Candidate, PAC Committees, 527 Political Organizations, Lobbyists, etc. There are also pre-generated reports on Celebrities, Industries or Professions, Companies, etc.

For example, college professors have given 7X as much to Democrats as Republicans from 1999-2008, trial lawyers have given more that 7X as much to Democrats as Republicans, Oprah Winfrey's only campaign contribution since 1999 was $2,300 to Barack Obama in 2007, Rush Limbaugh has made no campaign contributions since 1999, Bill Gates has donated a little over $200,000, split almost equally between Democrats and Republicans, etc.

Search away, maybe you'll find yourself!! Please report any interesting findings.


At 6/08/2008 9:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work, Mark. I used to always read the WSJ first thing in the morning. Now I always read you first, although you must sometimes get busy or sleep in on some days. Anyway, great blog for classical liberals.

At 6/09/2008 8:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My wifes employer just solicited her ,and other employees, for contributions to a PAC fund. I asked who the candidate(s) were. It said "they would be determined by committee and in your best interest......"

So, with that idea in mind I am starting my own PAC fund. The American Candidate. So, send money and I'll decide whom to give it to.

At 6/09/2008 10:37 AM, Blogger Romeo Bravo said...

I noticed that too. I checked on a few friends of mine and one had given a large donation to his company's PAC. I wonder how common these funds are? Do employees get pressured to donate to them?

At 6/09/2008 12:17 PM, Blogger juandos said...

Wow! Cool site...

Who doesn't think NBC isn't in the tank for the Dems and Hussein the Inane?

Well now NBC does fit the following description: Intellectuals, Zombies and the Stupid


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