Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Redolent Smell of Profits Crosses All Borders

From the FT article "US Studios Get Taste for Bollywood":

International investors are preparing to make an unprecedented onslaught on Bollywood this year, with several Hollywood studios and a group of London-listed funds looking to take a share of the world’s most prolific movie-making market.

Studio groups such as Sony Pictures Entertainment, Viacom – which controls Paramount Pictures – and Disney are working on new releases and partnerships that will give them an entry into India’s once closed and idiosyncratic movie industry.

Bottom Line: As developing economies like India grow and prosper, and as their middle classes emerge with increasingly higher disposable incomes, they become increasingly attractive as profitable consumer markets for firms in developed economies like the US. International trade and globalization are win-win, not win-lose as you would think from Lou Dobbs and the media. The "smell of profits" has a strong odor, penetrates globally across all international borders, and U.S. studios have picked up the redolent scent of profits in the booming Indian movie market.


At 1/04/2008 2:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its nice to see people happy that the jobs number wasn't as good as expected. Maybe a full blown recession is ahead, in which case folks like holymoly will undoubtably be filled with joy at being "right".

At 1/04/2008 7:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 2:55 PM...

Being "right" is better than ignoring indicators that don't support the concept of a "Goldilocks" economy.

At 1/05/2008 1:23 AM, Blogger Bruce Charlton said...

Since MP is a bit of a 'language maven' (Steve Pinker's term) - it seems worth pointing-out that 'redolent smell' is a bit of a pleonasm.

"Pleonasm is the use of more words (or even word-parts) than necessary to express an idea clearly (from Wiki)."


At 1/05/2008 1:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go where the money is. India already has a population that enjoys films and will consume the studio's products. Kudo's on breaking into a "new" market.


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