Thursday, August 09, 2007

Economics Education

1. From today's Washington Post "12th-Graders Show Strength in Economics":

"Forty-two percent of 12th-graders nationwide scored at the proficient level or better on the economics test, meaning they could handle challenging subject matter. In contrast, just 23% of 12th-graders hit the proficient mark in math, according to results published earlier this year. In reading, 35% were proficient or better."

2. From today's NY Times "12th Graders Show Better Grasp of Market Forces Than Expected on U.S. Economics Test":

"The nation’s high school seniors performed significantly better on the first nationwide economics test than they did on other recent national exams in history and science, and demonstrated higher than expected understanding of basic market forces like supply and demand than officials expected."

3. Question: Where is the best place to learn about economics?
Answer: Blogs, according to Tyler Cowen.


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