Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Who Sells Gas, And For What?

Myth: Most consumers believe that major oil companies own and operate the majority of fueling stations in the United States.

Fact: In reality, fewer than 3% of the more than 112,000 convenience stores selling gasoline are owned and operated by major oil companies. Convenience stores sell an estimated 80% of the gasoline purchased in the United States, and roughly 60% of these stores are one-store operations, owned by independent entrepreneurs.

Myth: One in 11 consumers (9%) say that gasoline retailers make more than $1 per gallon in profit, 30% of consumers age 18 to 49 believe that gas stations make 50 cents or more in retail profits per gallon of gasoline, and 2/3 of that group believe that gas stations make 10 cents or more per gallon in profits.

Fact: After factoring in all expenses, including credit card fees, the real average profit per gallon is closer to 1 cent.

From a
press release from the National Association of Convenience Stores.


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