Monday, February 26, 2007

Impressions of Madrid After 4 Days

1. Lots of fur coats.
2. Lots of smokers, they are everywhere, this is a smoker's paradise.
3. Lots of olives, they are everywhere, and they are far higher quality than what we get in the U.S.
4. Free olives at almost every bar, and free tapas at every bar - olives, potato chips, spanish omelette (tortilla), small sandwiches, nut mixes, etc., included in the price of drinks.
5. Lots of facial piercings.
6. Not very many Internet cafes, I haven't seen one!
7. Very efficient subway system, and cheap (1 euro).
8. Accordions everywhere, on the subways, in the subway stations, all around downtown.
9. Excellent beer, wine and cheese, and of course olives.
10. Lots of books and lots of reading, more than the U.S. I think. Homes and apartments have lots more books than in the U.S., and there are lots of people reading books on the subway. In the U.S., it seems more common that people are reading newspapers on subways and trains.


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