Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Markets in Everything: An Ingestible Sensor That Sends Health Information to Your Phone

From "Just cleared by the FDA late last month, this new ingestible sensor from California-based Proteus Digital Health is about the size of a grain of sand and can be integrated into an inert pill or medicine. Once in the stomach, it is powered solely by contact with stomach fluid and communicates a unique signal that identifies the timing of ingestion. This information is transferred through the user’s body tissue to a battery-operated patch worn on the skin that detects the signal along with physiological and behavioral metrics such as heart rate, body position and activity. That data, in turn, gets relayed by the patch to a mobile application, where it can be made accessible by caregivers and clinicians. The video above explains the premise in more detail."


At 8/29/2012 8:23 PM, Blogger Larry G said...

what was that about technology "plateauing" ?

I think the opposite.

We just need more/better educated people who know and understand technology well enough to innovate it.

At 8/29/2012 9:23 PM, Blogger Jace Henson said...

Singularity, straight ahead.

At 8/29/2012 11:10 PM, Blogger hancke said...

Speaking of innovation, I want to try this out on C-Span.

At 8/29/2012 11:12 PM, Blogger Larry G said...

re: smart phone lie detector

hmmm... would you expect to find ANY politician who would "pass"?


At 8/30/2012 5:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think privacy zealots will like it, but I think it could be helpful to doctors, family members, employers, caregivers, etc of patients who need to verify that the patients are actually taking their medicine.

At 8/30/2012 6:04 AM, Blogger Larry G said...

re: " patients who need to verify that the patients are actually taking their medicine"

it has tremendous potential to be able to effectively monitor various levels of things normally only measured by blood and urine tests.

so it not only would monitor the efficacy of drugs and doses but it could also warn if things were getting out of kilter even with drugs..; for instance a drug is no longer working or something else is also going on, etc.

there is tremendous potential in this area.

consider like a giant glucose meter for all kinds of different levels of blood, urine, hormones, etc.

Instead of a doctor painstakingly taking a medical history and trying to figure out what blood/urine tests to order..they pop this self-reporting pill and then get the results automatically as the pill transmits the results wirelessly through phone or network.

This is one of the areas that I'm convinced is not only going to revolutionize health care but dramatically reduce costs...

that "free market" approach to health care if you will...

and we COULD become the preeminent creators and distributors of that technology - worldwide.

Technology has not plateaued across the board - perhaps in some areas but in other areas it has yet to catch fire!

At 8/30/2012 8:50 AM, Blogger Don Culo said...

It won't ever replace the tried and true colonoscopy.

At 8/30/2012 9:17 AM, Blogger morganovich said...


actually, many of the colonoscopy and small bowel imaging issues were handled years ago by a pill camera made by a company called given imaging.

there is no reason this will not replace colonoscopy too.

At 8/30/2012 9:28 AM, Blogger Larry G said...

agree... and we're going to see more and more of this kind of thing and this could become a huge and important part of a high tech US economy.

At 8/30/2012 11:26 AM, Blogger Methinks said...

there is no reason this will not replace colonoscopy too.

And it's a damn good thing too because colonoscopy is a costly, time intensive procedure (between the prep and recovery after sedation) that carries perforation risk.

At 8/30/2012 12:22 PM, Blogger Larry G said...

and when you get to age 60, you're "supposed" to get one every 5 years or less... colon cancer is nothing to mess with.

At 8/31/2012 11:48 PM, Blogger Peter said...

Not only can we have smart pills but smart toilets as I mention here in my blog


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