Friday, January 15, 2010

Markets in Everything: Cannabis Cafe

A marijuana restaurant opens in Oregon.


At 1/15/2010 4:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The War on Drugs is like every other war - useless, destructive and disruptive.

Let markets work and free people prosper.

At 1/15/2010 6:13 PM, Anonymous gettingrational said...

I wonder if the proprietor of the "joint" attended business school at Oaksterdam University in downtown Oakland,CA?

I voted for medical marijuana when it passed a few years ago in WA. This was a return to the days when doctors prescribed cannibas to patients for pain releif.

At 1/15/2010 7:36 PM, Blogger juandos said...

Bloemink: When it comes to legal marijuana, ask the Dutch

Friday, January 15, 2010

At 1/15/2010 7:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was a return to the days when doctors prescribed cannabis to patients for pain relief.

Doctors have always been able to prescribe cannabis, or more correctly it's extracts, for medicinal purposes. Marijuana is not an effective at suppressing pain:

Active Ingredients In Marijuana Found To Spread And Prolong Pain

"Medical marijuana" is just a backdoor path to legalization.

At 1/15/2010 10:25 PM, Anonymous gettingrational said...

Anon., I find myself in the awkward position of defending marijuana and its deriviative cannibas. Here is a link to a medical site for CA, OR & WA with doctors and clinics for treating among other things seveve pain.

I write awkward, because I am fearful that the legalization of cannibas/marijuana could lead to the unfortunate acceptance of narcotics in U.S. society.

At 1/16/2010 9:08 AM, Anonymous Lyle said...

Since since time immemorial people have wanted to hide from their lives of quiet desperation in some manner or or other, we must recognize that narcotics are already accepted in American society. Its just that a lot of folks get them from a physician, uppers, downers and the like from the convenient corner drug doc. Why not allow people to use drugs that mellow them out, and tax the usage, to provide drug treatment, rather than spending gobs of money putting folks in jail for possession. The crime wave should not be a surprise because we had one in the 1920s in the US over Prohibition. If you legalize you drive the crime to other sources, likely driving a lot of people out of crime, and saving all the money spent on drug enforcement to go after the mortgage fraudsters.
Lots of people want to escape their lives.


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