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Index of Entrepreneurial Activity Rises in 2007

Related to the post below on taco trucks in LA:

Latinos experienced a large increase in the entrepreneurial activity rate in 2007. The entrepreneurial activity rate increased from 0.33% in 2006 to 0.40% in 2007. Non-Latino whites and African-Americans experienced slight increases in entrepreneurial activity rates, and Asians experienced a decline in rates (see top chart above).

A related finding is that the rate of entrepreneurial activity among immigrants, already high relative to the native-born, increased substantially between 2006 and 2007. From 2006 to 2007, the entrepreneurial activity rate among immigrants increased from 0.37% to 0.46%, considerably higher than the native-born entrepreneurial activity rate of 0.27% (see bottom chart above).

From the Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity, the only annual study to measure business startup activity for the entire United States adult population at the individual owner level. In 2007, 495,000 new businesses per month were started, with 0.30% of the adult population (or 300 out of 100,000 adults) involved in the startup process. This entrepreneurial activity rate is a slight increase over the 2006 rate of 0.29%.

"At a time when the nation is concerned about the economy, it is heartening to see that entrepreneurial activity continues to rise," said Carl Schramm, president and chief executive officer of the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. "The entrepreneurial sector is a critical factor in our nation's economic growth. Even during times of recession, new firms have been responsible for the bulk of new jobs and innovations in America. That is why it is vital to track startup trends like we track other economic indicators."


At 5/06/2008 10:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would that also be a justification to clean up the image of business?

At 4/14/2009 10:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes--I too agree with the above.

The WSJ article states, "The Kauffman Foundation, known to National Public Radio listeners and a few others as "the foundation for entrepreneurship," is difficult to categorize, but its president seems to like it that way."

Indeed, that is what makes Schramm a great economist and socialist--his inability to use words that mean things. He has parlayed that talent into tranferring millions of dollars from an entrepreneur's foundation into his own "too big/smart/indecipherable to fail" pocket. While Kauffman the man stood for something--for character, integrity, jobs, and wealth creation, under Carl's leadership the Kauffman Foundation has come to stand for Carl's indecipherable vanity press and legions of goupthink, Kauffman-funded bloggers--which is why it is an innovation free zone which refuses to fund entrepreneurs and innovators as the economy crashes and the government grows.

This is what Schrammenomics does to the DOW:

This is what Schrammenomics does to college tutions, as Schrammenomics is the best economics that a fiat currency can buy:

Scrhammenomics excels creating wealth by placing others in debt, while dumbing down and feminizing entreprneurship, rendering it as formless and indecipherable as the Orwellian Kauffman Foundation. In Orwell's 1984, the slogans were "War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery." At the Kauffman Foundation the sycophantic groupthinkers begin each day by kneeling before Carl, stating, "Entreprneurship is Larger Univeristy Administrations, Entrepreneurship is fuding mot entrepreneurs, but 6,000 papers on entreprneurship, Entrepreneurship is a Vanity Press Powered by a Foundation, Entrepreneurship is PR releases for Schrammenomics."

Small-souled Boomers such as Schramm would have done well in the Soviet Union, heading the Ministry of Entreprneurship. They killed true entrepreneuership and innnocation and recreated it in their own image. Empowered by the massive debt, a fiat currency, printing presses, wealth transfer to the rich's foundations, TARP funds, condescdening words about the "delta of black males," and Wall Street corruption, the Kauffman foundation's endowment grew in a massive, unprecedented manner. Schramm saw an opportunity in this--"What if"--he realized, "I could harness the cash and strategically parcel it out to policy wonk socialists and hand-picked groupthink bloggers while promoting a vanity press and filling Kauffman with unthinking, sycophanitic supporters? Then my general indecipherability and lack of integrity, amplified by an honorable man's estate, could garner me a Nobel Prize in Economics!"

Schramm has created an Orwellian institution in which he dictates via fiat and personally profits immensely by flying around and attempting to take credit for entrepreneurship's natural wealth creation with his intentionally opaque and indecipherable pamphlets/books, while simultaneously funding the bureaucratic forces/socialist MBAs who oppose entrepreneurship and prefer growing the state, soulless univeristy administrations, and student debt.

You can read about Schramm's loyal army of sycophanitic MBAs here: "The best and brightest led America off a cliff"

Under his opaque leadership where words mean whatever he wants them to mean, the Kauffman Foundation has become a formidable Orwellian beast that divides its time between writing PR releases and furthering Schramm's vanity press, while suppressing all deviations from the One True Way of Entrepreneurship--debt-glorifying, Schramm-glorifying Schrammenomics.

Schrammenomics--"Making Entrepreneurship Safe For Keynsian Socialists"

The WSJ article (puff piece) states, "On the theoretical level, Mr. Schramm, who started his own health-care company and merchant bank, believes that the foundation has a duty to foster an environment hospitable to entrepreneurship." Yes--and that would be one in which entrepreneurs are funded, not socialistic univeristy administrators. An environment where foundation CEOs boast about their nameless "phantom" companies, backed by a $2.5 billion warchest used for phantom research and PR, is just not conducive to entreprneuership. And over time, the tyranny only increases as Hayek noted, as the dictator secures their position by offing all independent thinkers and actual entrepreneurs, creatingan empire based not on freedom and welath creation, but dependence--unthinking dependence on schrammenomics. While presidents are elected, it appears that the Kauffman Foundation presidency is a permanent appointment; just as long as one makes sure to fund clones and fill the ranks with policy wonk bloggers echoing the tyrant's double-speaking, government-growing indecipherableness.

Why does the WSJ article name Kauffman's companies, but not Schramm's?

If anyone knows the names of Schramm's companies, pelase do post!

One of the games Kauffman plays is that it funds risk-free policy wonk sociliasts who condescend to entrepreneurs, translating entrepreneurship's common sense and natural integrity into economist code-speak/doublespeak, killing the exalted spirit, rendering words useless, redefining entreprnmuership in tehir own indecipherable image, and creating dumbed-down, feminized bureaucracies and red tape, and then they fly Schramm in (first class of course) to lecture to the true entrepreneurs on how they need Kauffman's help in transferring their technology. Rather than teaching innovators ownership and their natural rights, Kauffman teaches innovators that they are not good enough to own their innovations without the innovationless Kauffman MBA's/socialists's help. The innovationless Kauffman Harvard MBAs present their phantom research on what makes a good technology transfer program--risk-free, innovationless Kauffman/state bureaucrats. And they high-five and fly off to their next honorary dinner, as one gets a lot of invites to five course dog and pony shows when one sits atop a $2.5 billion endowment, flirting with university administrations all over the world, and now and then wiring them money when they agree to pen glowing PR pieces for Kauffman's "schrammenomics(TM)" brand.

The WSJ rpeorts, "Finally, the foundation goes out of its way to support minority entrepreneurship. Mr. Schramm doesn't use any social-justice lingo to explain the program, but reverts to a kind of charming nerd-speak. He says that after a lot of analysis, Kauffman has found that there is "the greatest delta among black males." " Well, why doesn't Schramm step down form his vanity press and give his job and Kauffman's funds to those more deserving?

How charming! He used the word Delta! Our Savior has arisen, and now entrepreneurship can empower the people!

Indeed, when Schramm steps down and Kauffman's capital is reallocated to support entrepreneurs, instead of doublespeaking anit-economists, 1,000 flowers will bloom.


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