Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Law Schools Ranked By Blogs Now

From today's WSJ article "Law Schools Also Ranked By Blogs Now":

"Since they first began appearing annually in 1990, U.S. News's law-school rankings have been the go-to list for students venturing into the field... and the magazine has essentially had a monopoly in the law-school realm. In the last two years, at least a dozen upstart Web sites, academic papers and blogs have stepped in with surveys of their own to feed the hunger for information on everything from the quality of the faculty to what a school's diploma might be worth to future employers."

Last year, a blogger and Notre Dame Law School graduate who goes by the name "law firm addict" began trolling message boards frequented by law students. The blogger invited students to share figures on school representation in law firms' summer-associate programs (one finding: Columbia is the perennial winner in New York), as well as where federal appeals clerks went to school. (This year's winner is Stanford by number of clerks as a percentage of its class.) The information is posted on
lawfirmaddict.blogspot.com and lawclerkaddict.blogspot.com."

Chart above (click to enlarge) shows law school rankings based on various factors.


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