Monday, April 30, 2007

Trade with China Works Both Ways: Win-Win

There is a post below about the explosion of exports to China.

From today's Washington Times, an excellent commentary about China by economist Richard Rahn:

Despite the political demagoguery, tens of millions of Americans -- whether they be Texas cotton farmers, Boeing airplane workers, Miami hotel and construction workers, or American homebuyers who can get lower cost mortgages -- are all better off due to the hard-working people in China. Yes, a few American textile workers have lost their jobs, but when Americans spend $15 for a pair of slacks that would have cost them $25, they have another $10 to spend in restaurants and on other goods and services that create many more jobs than were lost.

America now has close to full employment, and real wages are rapidly rising -- proving what good economists have known for more than 200 years that freer trade and investment create more and higher-paying jobs, while reducing the costs of goods and services. China wins, American wins, the world wins -- so stop worrying.

See George Mason economist Don Boudreaux's comments
here at Cafe Hayek.


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