Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Spinach Farmers: Harvesting Cash

"Spinach might not seem to have anything to do with military operations. But there it is, in an emergency supplemental bill to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan: $25 million for California spinach growers.

The war bill illustrates the axiom that guides the nation's agricultural policy: namely, that any principles of good government, common sense and fiscal sanity must always be abandoned in the cause of shoveling federal dollars at American farmers. Its $4 billion for disaster relief, together with millions for peanut storage, sugar-beet production and the Milk Income Loss Contract Program, isn't unusual, except for the fact that it was used to buy votes for a pullout from Iraq. For House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, apparently, all geopolitics is local, and some of her members are happy to lose a war if they can win a subsidy."

From the commentary "Fighting for Subsidies" by Rich Lowry.


At 4/03/2007 9:52 AM, Anonymous Victor said...

What make this bill different from any other bill that is put through Congress? Nancy Pelosi is no different than her predecessor. The bills always have "pork". I think that is what government is about. I know that one side of the argument is upset that their personal pork packages can't get through anymore, but is that such a crime.

I think that the advantage of our Congress and Presidency right now, is that they have to work together. Under the past Congress, nothing needed to be debated, or challenged. The same problems came about with the early Clinton years when we had a Democratic Congress and Presidency.

The two party system helps to keep the government in check on many different fronts.

"Absolute power corrupts absolutely!"

You could see it with Clinton, and you could see it with Bush.

Spinach saved Popeye. Pres. Bush should be ready to try anything by now!!


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