Thursday, March 22, 2007

More on Women in Global Management

According to the 2007 Grant Thorton International Business Report, the percentage of women in senior managerial positions globally has grown slightly from 19% to 22% since 2004. The Philippines comes out top with 50% of managerial positions being held by females, ahead of Brazil (42%) and two other Asian countries - Thailand (39%) and Hong Kong (35%). Lowest in the table is Japan with just 7%, below three European countries Luxembourg, Germany and the Netherlands at 10%, 12% and 13% respectively (see chart above, click to enlarge).

The EU's proportion of women in senior management has remained static at 17%, while NAFTA's figure has increased from 20% to 23%.

Note that the graph in my previous posting based on the The Economist is slightly inaccurate, because it shows the U.S. about 4 percentage points below the global average, when it is actually 1% above the global average of 22%.


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