Friday, March 02, 2007

Carpe Diem Stats

1. According to the most recent monthly traffic rankings for major business and economics websites and blogs, Carpe Diem ranks #64 by average daily visits (141) and #66 for average daily pageviews (207).

2. Total cumulative visits to Carpe Diem since its start last September just went over 20,000 today, see the Sitemeter, just below the Archives on the right hand side.

3. Daily visits today to Carpe Diem was high (226 through 10 p.m.) due to links to my blog from the Adam Smith Institute blog, and the Club for Growth blog.

Carpe Diem from Bangalore!


At 3/04/2007 6:31 PM, Blogger wfontana said...

I found your site through the Adam Smith Inst. blog link and now read it almost every day. Thanks and keep it up!


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