Saturday, August 25, 2012

Economics Blogosphere Transitions

1. In a post titled "My Last Post," blogging pioneer Arnold Kling announced yesterday that after blogging for more than ten years about economics at EconLog, he has stopped blogging and will switch to "writing in essay format."  

Arnold was one of the first economists to use the Internet for writing about economics starting back in December 1997.  Arnold started blogging on a regular basis in January 2002 when his blog was called Great Questions of Economics.  That would have been more than a year and a-half before the legendary economics blog Marginal Revolution started in August 2003 (according the MR archives).  Here's Arnold's first blog post on January 5, 2002 titled Science and Markets, and another one from January 2002 titled "Crony Capitalism."

By 2003, Arnold's website was called EconLog. From a January 2003 post titled "The Economics of Web Logs," Arnold wrote that "EconLog should be most helpful to others who share my interest in teaching economics and observing the use of economics in everyday issues of individual choice and public policy."

Arnold was later joined in 2005 by George Mason economist Bryan Caplan and in 2008 by economist David Henderson.  While economic blogs now are commonplace, they were in their infancy when Arnold started blogging more than a decade ago back in 2002, and we owe him greatly for paving the way for economics to be shared, taught and discussed using the Internet. 

In a testament to Arnold's influence, effectiveness, and popularity as an economist and blogger, read the many complimentary and positive comments that are pouring in below Arnold's last post from dozens of his fans.  Don Boudreaux comments that this is the "first bit of compelling evidence that I've encountered in favor of the great-stagnation thesis."  That statement pretty much sums it all up! Thanks to veteran blogger Arnold Kling for sharing his economic expertise, wisdom and insights with us for more than ten years in the blogosphere.

2. Hudson Institute economist Tim Kane and economist and Columbia Business School Dean Glenn Hubbard have recently launched, a blog about America, world history, and the concept of economic power.


At 8/25/2012 9:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Arnold has been writing online for a while, he has essays on his website dating back to 1997. He used to have a Corante blog also and regularly posted essays on TechCentralStation, which appears to have been taken down last year. EconLog is the first econ blog I started reading regularly and that was because of Arnold. While Bryan was a nice change of pace and used to blog less often, Arnold was the reason to visit EconLog back then, for his well-reasoned analysis and consistent output. I haven't read EconLog in years, but I always wondered how he was able to put out so much content at such high quality. Perhaps he's decided to step back, which might be for the best as he might be able to up the quality even more. :)

At 8/25/2012 9:45 AM, Blogger Mark J. Perry said...

Sprewell: Thanks for that info and link, I updated the post to reflect the fact that Arnold was posting articles about economics on the Internet back in 1997, making his status as a "web pioneer" even stronger.


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