Friday, June 15, 2012

Markets in Everything: Christianity to Save Money

Jesus Saves: Cambodians choose Christianity over animism, Buddhism to avoid costly animal sacrifices.
Phnom Penh Post -- "At upwards of $500, the cost of slaughtering a buffalo to revive a relative condemned to ill-health by the spirits has pushed the Jarai indigenous minority residents of Somkul village in Ratanakkiri, Cambodia to a more affordable religious option: Christianity.

In the village in O’Yadav district’s Som Thom commune, about 80% of the community have given up on spirits and ghosts in favor of Sunday sermons and modern medicine.

Sev Chel, 38, said she made the switch because when she used to get sick, it could cost her hundreds of dollars to appease the gods with a sacrificial package that might include a cow or buffalo, a chicken, bananas, incense and rice wine.

Klan Ly, 56, said she had completely abandoned her fears of black magic after making the conversion. “When my family believed in Christianity, my old Buddha could not use the black magic on us anymore, because Jesus protected us,” she said. With the money she has saved using Western medicine instead of performing sacrifices, Klan Ly said she had been able to construct a house."

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At 6/15/2012 3:43 PM, Blogger Jon Murphy said...

Well...that gives a new meaning to "Jesus Saves."

At 6/15/2012 3:49 PM, Blogger Mark J. Perry said...

Thanks, Jon, I changed the caption above the photo.

At 6/15/2012 3:56 PM, Blogger Methinks said...

One of the things I love about this blog is these kinds of oddball stories.

I don't know what to say. I'm too busy imagining billboards to advertise Christianity in Cambodia.

Thanks for another great post.

At 6/15/2012 3:57 PM, Blogger Jon Murphy said...

I'm going to repost this on my Facebook with the caption "Jesus money."

At 6/16/2012 8:22 PM, Blogger OBloodyHell said...

>>> Well...that gives a new meaning to "Jesus Saves." Son Banque.


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