Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Chart of the Day: April U.S. Motor Vehicle Assemblies Return to 2007 Pre-Recession Levels

The chart above shows Total U.S. Motor Vehicle Assemblies on a monthly basis back to 1986, data are from the Federal Reserve and were updated today through April as part of the report on U.S. Industrial Production.  At 10.668 million units, vehicle assemblies are now back above pre-recession levels, and were the highest in April since August of 2007, almost five years ago. 

If the current pace of monthly increases continues, motor vehicle assemblies will be back to the 12 million unit level that prevailed between 1995-2005 within the next six months. Based on vehicle assemblies, the U.S. auto industry has made a complete recovery from the recession, and is one part of the reason that U.S. manufacturing, especially Midwest manufacturing, is at the forefront of the economy.    


At 5/16/2012 7:02 PM, Blogger Craig Howard said...

Good. But are they making money on those "units?"

At 5/16/2012 7:26 PM, Blogger Henry H said...

A large part of the increase can be attributed to restocking by Toyota and Honda, and their luxury brands Acura and Lexus. They were losing money last year.I know the the Toytoa Tacoma plant in San Antonio is making lots of high margin vehicles. Toyota is back to pre-tsunami levels.


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