Monday, January 09, 2012

Markets in Everything: Beer for Dogs

What’s in Bowser Beer? (yes, it's really for dogs!)
USDA beef or chicken.
Malt barley (full of B-vitamins) –just like in your beer.
Glucosamine for joint health. 

What’s NOT in Bowser Beer:
Alcohol or carbonation.
Hops,which can be toxic to dogs.
Commercial broth,which contains loads of salt, fat, MSG, onions and meat of unknown origin.

Serving Suggestions:
Straight out of the bottle
Pour it over dry kibble
Flavor the water bowl
Pour over crushed ice for a cold, crunchy treat


At 1/09/2012 1:06 PM, Blogger Benjamin Cole said...

I bought this for my wife.

At 1/09/2012 5:36 PM, Blogger Marko said...

Wow Benji.

At 1/11/2012 5:03 PM, Blogger Free2Choose said...

I better not let Max find out about this. He's spoiled enough already.


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