Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Depressed Real Estate Market? Not in N. Dakota

The oil boom in western North Dakota has created thousands of new oil-related jobs in the state, and has also generated thousands of spillover jobs throughout the entire state.  North Dakota's oil prosperity has kept the state's jobless rate below 4% for the last 20 months, and below 1% in Williams County, at the epicenter of the Bakken.

The oil boom has been fueling a shovel-ready, job-creating construction and housing boom in western North Dakota, with 2011 building permit value tripling in Williston and doubling in Dickinson.  Read more here

Drill, drill, drill = construction, construction, construction = jobs, jobs, jobs.


At 1/31/2012 4:50 PM, Blogger VangelV said...

Drill, drill, drill = construction, construction, construction = jobs, jobs, jobs.

Perhaps some of my pals should write the ending to this story. After all they have seen this in Calgary and Houston.

At 1/31/2012 5:06 PM, Blogger Larry G said...

I heard on one of them right-wing sites that now that Obama has shut down the Keystone..he and George Soros is going to try to shut down the Baaken oil fields.

something about it being antithetical to "green" and keeping ND poor so it will continue to seek govt aid.


At 1/31/2012 6:39 PM, Blogger juandos said...

Oh dear! Yet another dose of, 'unexpected' but in a slightly reworded form...

From Reuters: Home prices drop, consumers turn gloomier

(Reuters) - Home prices fell more 'steeply than expected' in November, and consumers turned less optimistic in January, highlighting the hurdles still facing the bumpy economic recovery.

So just how many times has the 'unexpected' happened over the last three years?

At 1/31/2012 8:28 PM, Blogger Methinks said...

Yet more proof that as some sectors flag, others don't. Yet more reason to doubt top down, shovel ready, Keynesian pump priming.

Now, if only government meddling and regulation would succumb to its shovel readiness.


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