Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tax Foundation Map of State Credit Ratings

The map above from the Tax Foundation shows S&P credit ratings of the 50 states: 13 states have the top AAA rating, 14 states have the second-highest AA+ rating, 17 states have the next highest rating of AA, four states have an AA- rating, and the two worst states have ratings of A+ (Illinois) and A- (California). 


At 8/20/2011 10:16 AM, Blogger juandos said...

A reason maybe why Texas' credit rating ended up AA+?

From the Tax Foundation: The Texas Lesson on Business Taxes

'The Texas margin tax replaced the state's corporate income tax, with the goal of broadening the base of businesses subject to it. Arguments that the tax created an unacceptable burden on small and unprofitable businesses, however, led to significant exemptions which undermined its ostensible goal. In 2009 alone, an additional 100 proposals to modify the tax made their way through the Texas state legislature'...

At 8/22/2011 1:12 PM, Blogger Benjamin Cole said...


The sattes with the worst credit rating are the states who subsidiez the federal government. Pay more to DC than they get back in outlays.

The heavily subsidized "pink" states, generally part of the Red State Socialist Empire, have higher credit ratings.

The upshot: Make sure Uncle Sam pays for your government services.

At 8/22/2011 10:23 PM, Blogger Ian Random said...


Actually, the blue states are getting what they want. They want to redistribute wealth, the pink states are just obliging them. Also the Republicans struggle with RINO's(Republican in Name Only). RINO's are more acceptable to the morons-in-middle like yourself, but leave a bad taste in the mouth of libertarian-conservatives like myself.


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