Friday, August 26, 2011

Markets in Everything: Boston's Sneaker Truck

Food trucks have become popular in Boston, and one of its local favorites, Roxy's Gourmet Grilled Cheese food truck, is competing with seven other food trucks around the country for the national title in the second season of The Food Network's "Great Food Truck Race." 

The success of food trucks might be just the first wave of mobile retailing to sweep the nation, followed by many more offerings of consumer goods being sold from a truck?  For example, the latest rolling retail venture in Boston is Green Street Vault, a "sneaker truck," featured in today's Boston Herald.  What's next? 


At 8/26/2011 7:37 AM, Blogger juandos said...

I wonder what kind of population density works out best for these mobile food and shoe outlets?

At 8/26/2011 8:14 AM, Blogger morganovich said...

i know a guy in new york who can get you sneakers that "just fell off a truck".

how many you need?

At 8/26/2011 8:17 AM, Blogger Ironman said...

"What's next?"

Would you believe banks on wheels?

At 8/26/2011 11:05 AM, Blogger Benjamin Cole said...

As I have said so many times, in many nations there are many entrepreneurs who are push-cart food vendors. Often, the best food is there. Certainly, the least expensive.

Local government, repressive yokes in hand, stop such activity in American cities.

Our most repressive governments are found at City Hall and the State Capital Buildings.

Yet you hear jackanape presidential candidates, fresh from the southern portal of the GOP dunceworks, braying about state's rights.

At 8/26/2011 1:21 PM, Blogger Mike said...

Really? I had to look that one up.

At 8/26/2011 1:26 PM, Blogger Benjamin Cole said...

I have always liked jackanape and also popinjay.

Lately, I have also favored "vile excretum" to describe Rick Perry, as in "this vile excretum from the southern portal of Texas, Rick Perry."

"GOP dunceworks" is one I just made up, and it has a nice ring.

"O'Bummer" is my new expression for Obama.

At 8/26/2011 3:18 PM, Blogger juandos said...

"I have always liked jackanape and also popinjay"...

Sadly but not unexpectedly you still don't know how to use either of those words properly...


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