Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Markets in Everything: Patient Navigation

"[There is]... a growing field known as patient navigation. At no additional charge, navigators help patients make informed medical decisions and assist with setting up multiple doctors' appointments and tests. Navigators also provide tips on dealing with chemotherapy, make sure patients stay on track with their treatment plan and offer emotional support. 

Depending on the hospital, navigators might be nurses, social workers or other staffers certified through programs that include training in care coordination, motivational interviewing skills, and cultural sensitivity. They have access to patient medical records and treating physicians. They can also run interference on insurance issues, help with translation for non-English speakers and even make sure patients have a ride to the doctor's office."

~ "When a Doctor Isn't Enough: Nurse Navigators Help Patients Through Maze of Cancer-Treatment Decisions, Fears"


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