Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger Snafu

Blogger has been down since last night, and just started working again.  Several of the most recent posts have been lost, and I'm not sure if they'll be restored. 

New posts will resume shortly.  


At 5/13/2011 12:08 PM, Blogger Libdrone said...

They were down for more than 18 hours and their "status page" had no information at all on the outage. #FAIL

At 5/13/2011 12:53 PM, Blogger Sparky said...

How about doing an expose on the villion known as Porter Stransberry ("The End of America") fear monger. You could do the gullible among us a great service.

At 5/13/2011 1:09 PM, Blogger Benjamin Cole said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 5/13/2011 1:10 PM, Blogger Benjamin Cole said...

Life without Carpe Diem?

BTW, how does getting Carpe Diem for free fit into the Chicken Inflation Little's definition of runaway inflation?

At 5/13/2011 7:47 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

That was quite a problem that was handled in the typically clandestine Google way.

I wrote about it at The Economic Peephole in an article titled, "Want to know why I switched from Blogger to WordPress?" (



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