Saturday, March 12, 2011

Obama Says U.S. Needs Progress for Men’s Equality

A little fantasy editing of this Bloomberg news article: 

"President Barack Obama said women men have made great some strides toward full equality with men women over the past 50 years, yet more progress is needed to close an economic, college degree, and labor market gender gap.

In his weekly radio and Internet address, Obama said women men are still more likely than men to live in poverty, are: a) are underrepresented in math and engineering education for college degrees at the associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s levels, b) are underrepresented by academic field for degrees in biology, communication, education, English, foreign languages, health professions, psychology, public administration, social sciences, visual arts, optometry, pharmacy, osteopathic medicine, veterinary medicine, and naturopathic medicine, and c) earn, on average, 75 8 percent as much as men less than women for the cohort of unmarried, childless workers under 30 who live in large cities, and d) are 20 percent more likely to be unemployed than women (over the last year).   

“We have to work even harder to close the gaps that still exist, and to uphold that simple American ideal: We are all equal and deserving of the chance to pursue our own version of happiness, he said.  The facts that: a) 150 women will earn college degrees this year for every 100 men, b) young, single women earn 8% more than single men, and c) the negative effects of unemployment and job losses in the last recession disproportionately affected men, demonstrates that a lot more progress is needed before we achieve full gender equality.”


At 3/13/2011 12:04 AM, Blogger PeakTrader said...

It's much worse for black men, but over 90% will vote for Obama anyway.

At 3/13/2011 8:47 AM, Blogger McKibbinUSA said...

Well said, indeed...

At 3/14/2011 1:56 PM, Blogger misterjosh said...

I'm disappointed that you left out the danger differential.


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