Friday, February 11, 2011

Animation Nation

From today's WSJ article "Animation Nation":

"On the heels of Twitter, blogs and YouTube videos, do-it-yourself animation has emerged as the latest form of self-expression online. These days, anyone looking to make fun of their boss, unleash a rant or comment on the latest news can quickly create a cartoon, thanks to a crop of animation websites. And corporations, advertisers—and Hollywood executives—are beginning to take notice.

Xtranormal, which is backed by Boston-based venture capital firm Fairhaven Capital, says its registered users have jumped from 800,000 to nearly 2.4 million in the last six months. In December, the site began charging for cartoon characters that once were free; the average movie costs about $1 to make. The site says it has seen a steady increase in revenue but has not yet turned a profit. Chief Executive Officer Graham Sharp says the company expects to do so by midyear."

Here's something new from Cato's Dan Mitchell, "Obama and Clinton Talk Taxes."

And here's my attempt at animation:


At 2/11/2011 3:11 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

I think you have a future at the Disney animation studios!

At 2/12/2011 2:01 PM, Blogger Tom said...

Great, Dr Perry.


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