Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Wikio: Top 20 Business Blogs in October

1.The Conscience of a Liberal
2.The Big Picture
3.DealBook - New York Times blog
5.Calculated Risk
6.Grasping Reality with Both Hands: Brad DeLong's Se
7.naked capitalism
9.Company Town - L.A. Times
10.Seth Godin's Blog
12.Freakonomics - New York Times Blog
13.Economist's View
14.Greg Mankiw's Blog
17.Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis
18.The Baseline Scenario
20.A VC

From Wikio.


At 11/03/2010 8:34 PM, Blogger W.E. Heasley said...

The Conscience of a Liberal is the #1 Business Blog?

Oh dear!

Then again, that makes sense. If one measures the zillion daily rebuttals regarding the goofy posts on the web site “The Conscience of a Liberal“ then one can account for, in part, the increase in total web traffic.

At 11/03/2010 9:44 PM, Blogger gadfly said...

Of course "The Conscience of a Liberal" is a business blog. Paul Krugman was up to his you-know-what in the business of the Enron scandal which openly displayed his inability to properly discern right from wrong.

At 11/04/2010 1:08 AM, Blogger fboness said...

Looks like there is a common reaction to Conscience of a Liberal. I'll third it.

At 11/04/2010 12:19 PM, Blogger NormanB said...

19th??? What kind of crap is that?? Way, Way too low.


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