Sunday, October 03, 2010

Top 10 Best-Selling Cars and Trucks in 2010

The top 10 best-selling cars and trucks are listed above for the first nine months of the year (January - September 2010), according to Ward's Automotive.  Note that:

1. Japanese and Korean automakers have the top 5 best-selling cars, and have 6 out of the top 10. 

2. American companies dominate truck sales, and have 8 out the top 10 best-selling models, and 4 out of the top 5 brands.  

3. The top two best-selling vehicles are trucks (Ford F and Chevy Silverado), and of the top 20 best-selling vehicles, 47% are trucks. 


At 10/03/2010 8:47 PM, Blogger Bill said...

Hyundai is a South Korean auto manufacturer not Japanese.


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