Friday, August 27, 2010

The Onion Uncovers a New Form of Test Bias

Are Standardized Tests Biased Against Students Who Don't Give A Shit? Click on the arrow above to start video.


At 8/27/2010 3:52 PM, Blogger Colin said...

Reminded me of this, which sadly is from real life:

That Spring, I had one student who had taken the course in the Fall and Winter, and failed it both times, had found an ally in the administration, and had received special permission to retake the class a third time. Seven weeks later, I looked at her grade in the class thus far, and realized that, even if she were to get 100% in the last three weeks (which was unlikely), it would not be sufficient to give her a passing grade for the course. I told her. She went back to her advocate, who told her that she might have a mathematics learning disability. She called me on the phone during my office hours to discuss that possibility.

"You very well might have a math learning disability. Such disabilities are prevalent and very real, but in your case, I think there might be stronger indicators at play here. Your attendance thus far is 50%, so you might have a showing up disability. You have turned in 30% of the homework thus far, so you might have a doing your homework disability. While I don't discourage you from getting tested for a math disability, I urge you not to discount those other two factors." Because of that comment, I never taught remedial math again.

At 8/27/2010 6:19 PM, Blogger juandos said...

Hmmm, this almost sounds like the further adventures of law professor Richard J. Peltz...

At 8/28/2010 8:27 AM, Blogger Sean said...

Won't someone please think of the Children!


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